About New Shades of Hippy

Hi, I’m Anneka and I’m a wanderlust writer, foodie and blogger who founded New Shades of Hippy in 2012.

I love to write about natural beauty products, travel advice, life as a backpacker, reviews and lifestyle.

I am also a Marketing Coordinator specialising in digital content, editorial, online publishing and most recently, web design.

When I’m not writing, adventuring or working, I can be found with my head in a science magazine or keeping my mind and body happy with yoga practice.

In October 2015, I left the UK and spent 13 months travelling in Australia, New Zealand, Bali and Thailand.

I walked round the base of Ayers Rock, lived in Melbourne for six months, snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef, skydived in New Zealand and took in the wonders of the Gili Islands, Bali.

I then took part in a yoga retreat on Koh Samui and volunteered with elephants in Northern Thailand.


Join me now as I explore more of the natural wonders of the world.

Be part of my adventures.