Trials of Green Beauty: Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash

I actually got my hands on this body wash through Glamour Magazine who are currently giving away four different Balance Me samples to their readers this month. The sample products include:

  • Super Toning Body Wash
  • Moisture Rich Face Cream
  • Pure Skin Face Wash
  • Tinted Raspberry Lip Salve.

I am really pleased that I decided to pick up a copy of Glamour and try this stuff out because I had never heard of it or seen it before now. Always a lover of trying new things, I could not wait to jump in the shower that night and see for myself if this product really was worth all the hype.

My first instinct, when I did eventually open the bottle, was to smell it. But before I am labelled as a bit obsessive or strange, I want to let you all know that this was all in the name of research and because I think this is a big and important factor when it comes to natural products, plus I’m picky about my shower gel smell, but who isn’t?

I am pleased to say that I absolutely adored the smell. It had a beautiful and gentle lemon zest scent with hints of sweetness that came together to make it delicate, fresh and light, something which I love in the summer months. It wasn’t at all overpowering like most other shower gels and I could really smell the freshness of the ingredients. I could only compare it to smelling a fully blossomed flower in the spring time.

I was extremely impressed with how it performed as a body wash too. The consistency of the light, soft gel blended well with the scent to make it really nice and refreshing to wash with, especially on my face after a hot day. I only needed two small blobs of the clear honey-like wash to clean my entire body as it lathered and bubbled up so well. It also left my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturised, something which I have found difficult to find in a natural shower gel.

The soft scent didn’t overpower and sit on my skin after I had used it and I actually felt more refreshed than usual knowing that I wasn’t using a product that had oils and silicone ingredients on my skin.

As for the “Super Toning” part, I am going to be honest and say that I don’t believe that a body wash can tone up your skin. Despite loving this product, I’m a firm (excuse the pun) believer that a good moisturiser and exercise regime will tone you up. Of course, I understand that body washes do have moisturising lotions in them but I don’t think using them on your skin for a few minutes every day is going to tone your skin.

Balance Me history:

The Balance Me brand was founded by two sisters in 2005 who originally began creating products in their kitchen. After being spotted by a high street retailer, the brand took off and has since won over 20 awards for its aromatherapy skin care products. It has also won the approval of various women’s magazines along the way including; Good Housekeeping, Red and of course, Glamour. Balance me prides itself on “beauty that works naturally” and 99-100% of their ingredients being derived from their natural origins.

Their products are not tested on animals however are NOT stated to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

From researching on Boots’ and Superdrug’s website, I have found that neither of them sell this brand which is disappointing as it means I can’t just pick up a bottle when I’m in town. However they do have a website, hooray! The Balance Me website allows shoppers to buy directly from them however I have found out a horrifying fact about this product and I don’t think you readers are going to like it either.

One 200ml bottle of Super Toning Body Wash comes with an astonishing and, quite frankly, out of this world price tag of £18! Of course don’t forget that your adding on a minimum postage charge of £2.50 on top so we are now talking over £20 for a shower gel here.

I’m all for a good green product but in my opinion, this is way out of my price range and this is coming from a girl that isn’t even a student anymore.

Overall, I would give this product three out of five stars. I adore the natural ingredients and ethical standards and the fact that it is the best natural body wash I have found so far but I cannot appreciate the price tag. This saddens me as I know I will probably not be able to purchase this product again and even if I did, I would probably take it back straight away out of guilt as I just cannot justify that much money on one beauty product.

I’ll have to appreciate this 100ml sample bottle for now. But maybe I will grab another sample with another Glamour magazine. What’s the harm aye?

Readers, I would most definitely recommend that you try out this product. Even if you cannot afford £20 on a body wash, Balance Me is still worthy of recognition as a environmentally friendly brand and I certainly don’t regret finding it.

Go and grab your samples while you can!

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