Packing for the backpacking

It’s important for me to admit that I am not organised when it comes to packing for such a big trip. I don’t have a list or a plan, instead I have my memory and a hell of a lot of clothes and shoes lying around.

Do I feel ready? I’m not entirely sure at the moment.

I’ve made sure I’ve organised all the important stuff but I guess, even now, it still doesn’t feel like I’m actually going.

It’s almost like talking about it for so long has brainwashed me into forever thinking that my trip is still a loose plan for the future.

Silly me, I’m too impatient for that.

But although I joke about these things, I am genuinely nervous for when reality hits me.

Everyone has been asking me if I’m excited but weirdly enough, I haven’t been feeling that way. It’s not that I am not looking forward to it but I just have no idea of what’s in store for me and how I’ll feel about this massive change in my life.

I am, quite literally, leaving everything I know behind and starting a new life without any of my family, friends etc. That bit does make me quite nervous at times.

Back to packing…

As I’ve been organising my stuff over the past few days, I’ve been asked about what and how much I’m going to pack quite a few times.

This got me thinking.

It’s actually quite hard to organise your life into a bag so I decided to write a list of packing tips. I’ve picked up quite a few of these from other bloggers and from my own travel experiences so I thought they would be good to share.

Warm jacket/coat:

You may think this is an insane idea seen as I’m going into the Aussie summer but believe me, I’ve read enough travel blogs to not overlook a good tip when I see one. It does get cold in Australia (maybe not as cold as England) but I’d rather have a coat with me than not (plus I absolutely hate being cold).

Hiking boots:

I’ve been arguing with myself over this one for ages because, technically, they’ll be too warm to wear and heavy to carry, right? I already know the answer to those questions will be yes… But I have a feeling I will need them. I plan to do a lot of walking, including in the Blue Mountains in my first week and I think my hiking boots will be first choice of footwear, hot or not! There are obviously lighter and less bulky options but I’m happy to carry mine around just in case.

Summer clothes:

This sounds mad, I know. But again, my previous travel experiences have taught me that clothes are pushed to their limits during travel. I won’t have laundry luxuries like I do here and I know that I’ll only regret bringing them with me if they get ruined. I’ve decided to buy clothes out there (if need be) so that I have options for separate occasions.

Job interview outfit:

Of course, this tip is only relevant to travellers who have a work visa but it’s still valuable to mention. To be honest, I would rather fill the (very) limited space in my backpack with other useful stuff. But… I know I’m going to need an interview outfit and therefore, it’s most certainly coming along. I’m not going overboard with shirts, trousers and blazers, instead I think a black skirt and casual white top will be perfectly fine (especially in the summer heat).

Good quality bikinis:

I’m not usually one for splashing out on expensive, branded swimwear but for this trip, I changed my ways. I’ve been on too many holidays where the cheaper bikinis I’ve had have either fallen to pieces or faded immediately after the first wash. It’s annoying and a waste of money in my eyes. I don’t want to keep on buying new swimwear so I decided to do my research and look into some quality brands with a reputation for hard-wearing and well-made bikinis and swimsuits.

These are only a few tips but I hope that anyone getting ready for their big trip will find them helpful and appreciate the guidance.

It feels weird to be writing this but the next time I post, I will finally be in Australia! My flight is less than 48 hours away and I will have taken the biggest, first step on a trip that will change my life for the better.

Watch this space for more updates on my Sydney adventures!

Photo credit: Black-Powder, 2013. Source link here


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