Trials of Green Beauty: Gym Hippie by Read the Label

The trials of green beauty are back! I appreciate it has been quite a while since I last reviewed any fabulous green beauty products so for that, I apologise.

My now hectic lifestyle has meant that full time work has had to come first and my investigative side have been rather limited.

However I am pleased to announce that I stumbled across this product in the middle of Camden market on Saturday and have been excited to review it ever since I opened the packaging.

Rather ironically, I had no intention of buying soap when I left the house that morning but let me tell you, it was easily the best life decision of that day.

There were people everywhere, bustling in and out of the shops and stalls, there was so much to look at and so many things I wanted to instantly buy. At one point, me and my two friends came out of a corner shop when a cute little cart bursting with colour and aroma caught our attention.

This, unbeknown to me, was the start of my love affair with Read the Label.

I went about smelling each of the waxy soap blocks, picking them out from their labelled baskets, on a keen hunt for my favourite. Lavender, lemon and lime, honey, nettle, there were so many strong scents hitting my senses and controlling the reaction on my face.

I couldn’t help but be mesmerised by the detailed array of colour and decoration. They all looked like huge chunks of nougat. I was half temped by the lavender when I saw the word “Hippie” on one of the labels making it one that I just had to investigate.

Set aside from the rainbow of rose, lavender and mint, Gym Hippie did not exactly boast its colours (but we all know that first impressions are not everything). The charcoal, oil-like detailing ran through it like a small river and contrasted with the off white, like that of a marble worktop.

Nonetheless, I was mostly interested in the reasoning behind its name and was secretly hopeful that I would love it.

If you’re anything like me, you believe that life is always made better by natural, gorgeous smelling soap products. At this crucial point, I must admit that I’ve never been the biggest fan of soap bars. I’ve always found that they tend to dry out my skin. But luckily for me (and possibly for you too), I was hooked from the first sniff.

The strong mixture of lemon, lime and patchouli is a scent like no other for the natural product lover. It is important to mention that, from my experience, this particular product is like Marmite, you either love or hate it, quite literally.

The mixture of zesty and earthy ingredients pack a punch that is in your face and lingers in your nose. I described it simply to smell like: “A traditional incense stick and a Lush shop mixed together.”

I was so excited that I’d found such a wonderful product that I purchased not one but two bars from, who I now know to be the founder and chief producer of Read the Label, Daniel Knight.

Later that night, I was overly curious to trial my new purchase as I ran myself a bath. Each bar was individually wrapped in brown paper and fastened with string.

They looked like the perfect rustic gifts.

I really didn’t want to disturb the packaging but I had, in all fairness, waited all day. My first thought, whilst washing my face, was how soft my skin felt and how the scent sat delicately on my skin, even after washing it off.

I was pleasantly surprised that my skin didn’t feel clammy like it can do with many other soap bars. I loved that I could actually see the real flakes of charcoal mixing up in the bar as it lathered up marvelously.

It comforted me somewhat to actually be able to see some of the real ingredients that I was putting on my skin. The scent was, once again, devine and I couldn’t get enough of it.

You may have guessed but by this point, I had accepted that Gym Hippie was going to stay as a permanent bathroom family member. After getting dressed, I was thrilled to find that the zesty smell stayed on my skin and made me feel fully refreshed after a long day.

One bar of Gym Hippie contains some of the best skin and environment-friendly ingredients that you could possibly ask for, such as: organic and fairtrade shea butter, sustainable palm oil, patchouli and lime essential oils, coconut oil and much more.

To make it even better, it’s perfectly suitable for use on your face and body even if you have dry or sensitive skin. Plus at £2.80 per bar AND free UK postage online, you aren’t paying the earth for a completely natural product that will last you a while or make a great Christmas present this year.

This green beauty trial has definitely been a success to say the least. I give Gym Hippie and Read the Label a full 10/10.

If you or anyone else you know would like to give Gym Hippie or any other product a try, please visit the Read the Label website and take a look at their huge range of natural skin and hair care products.

Gym Hippie – £2.80 (Price correct as of September 2014)

Photo credit: Read the Label.

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