Trials of Green Beauty: My Australian collection

Since arriving in Australia, I’ve been busy looking for great, natural products to review and test.

Twelve weeks ago, I actually thought (rather naively) that it might be harder to get hold of eco beauty products out here.

But much to my surprise, Australia seems to have a much better (and more popular) market for green beauty than the UK.

And for the time being, I really don’t mind immersing myself completely and utterly in that market.

However, it does mean that when I eventually return home, quite a few products will be coming with me.

It would be silly of me, as a keen environmentalist. not to take advantage!

Below I have listed out the products I’m currently trialing.

Organic Care heat protect shampoo:


This product is a fantastic all rounder in my eyes. It’s cruelty-free, vegan and free from petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens and SLS.

I also loved that this plant derived formula goes quite a long way in my hair. The thick, honey-like liquid lathers up nicely without me having to use a huge amount. Plus it leaves my hair feeling noticeably clean and soft.

I usually don’t opt for heat protect products when I’m the UK (mainly as I don’t heat style my hair that much) but out here in Aus, I decided to change. My snap decision was mainly due to the intense heat and sunlight that I expose my hair to everyday.

So when I was busy reading the label, I was very happy to find that the oat peptide in this shampoo actually helps to protect against UV, styling and general heat. Fantastic!

It didn’t take all that long before I was handing it over to the cashier. I was happily convinced.

For a natural product, this stuff smells wonderful (I’ve got a bad habit of repeating myself here but what the heck, I love it anyway).

If I didn’t see the bottle, I could easily mistake it for any other floral shampoo. It has a wonderfully sweet and earthy scent that lingers in the room and my hair for hours after my shower.

Sukin Botanical Body Wash:


In my eyes, a good body wash is imperative, especially more so now that I spend 99% of my time overheating.

I decided to try out Sukin body wash after seeing it in every supermarket and pharmacy down the coast.

Safe to say, it caught my attention.

And it must have been fate that it did. It’s free of sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, artificial colours and completely cruelty-free.

It also has some gorgeous, skin-loving ingredients including; rose hip oils, avocado, lavender, chamomile and jojoba.

What’s not to love?

In the body wash range, there are a few different scent options including; original and coconut and lime. But with me being a lover of earthy scents, I went for the original.

Before anything else, the rose hip and lavender oils hit your nose first, followed by a zesty helping of the tangerine peel oil. After this, the ingredients seem to mix and introduce to create a strong, earthy and soothing musk.

If it came as a scented candle, I’d be buying that too.

One of the best things about Sukin products is that you can get them in the UK too.

It’s a tad on the pricey side and the bottles aren’t exactly travel-friendly but you get plenty for your money and it’s a premium natural product that actually works.

I will definitely be buying this again.

Australian Pure Beauty Sensitive Face Wash:


This has been a great face wash to have during my travels and after long, hot days at the beach.

Here in Aus, they definitely seem to know the importance of a good facial wash, especially during summer.

It’s refreshing on my skin and removes impurities and make-up easily. It also has a gentle and soothing scent thanks to the natural ingredients list.

It contains a plant based blend of Australia’s native lilli pilli and wattleseed alongside lavender, sandlewood and patchouli oils. (That’s just naming a few!)

Last but not least, this is another cruelty-free and naturally sourced product. Hooray!

The only criticism I would have about this product is the pump-style bottle. It hasn’t exactly been the easiest to travel with and I’ve found that it leaks unless stood upright.

And from a backpacker’s point of view, that’s really not ideal.

So for now, that’s my Aussie green beauty trials! I’m still going to be on the hunt for new products to review so keep an eye out.

Have you found any international green beauty products that you’d love to share?

Comment below or get in touch!

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