Five things I’ve learned from travelling so far

It’s been roughly ten weeks since I left the UK but to me, it feels more like ten months!

This got me thinking. Do I feel any difference in myself? Has travelling really taught me that much in just over two months?

Previous to this post, I’ve written a lot about how I wanted travelling to change me for the good, to open my eyes to bigger things and to help me become a more rounded person.

And I have my travels (so far) to thank because I feel like I’ve learned quite a lot about…Well, quite a lot!

1. Travelling has improved my confidence.

I’ve heard a lot of backpackers say this and now, I can definitely understand why. When I think back to the anxieties and worries that I had over this trip, I know now that I was seriously underestimating myself.

I have done things that I never thought I’d do, either through fear or lack of funds. Snorkelling and kayaking in the open ocean, jumping into rivers and lakes, surfing, holding wild animals etc.

All of those amazing experiences, I did with a massive smile on my face and without much fear. I now believe it was possible because my mental attitude to life had changed and my confidence had already begun to increase.

2. I don’t get along with everybody and I’m OK with that.

I’ve met some great, interesting and beautiful people on my travels. But there were always going to be some that I wasn’t going to click with.

And it’s happened quite a few times. I used to think it was a bad thing, a reflection on me almost. But out here, I’ve come to learn that it’s just an everyday occurrence that everyone goes through.

There are so many people from different cultures, nationalities and walks of life that make each person different. It’s a great thing and I’m glad that I was immersed in such diverse atmospheres. But I’m also glad that I no longer doubt myself and accept what isn’t meant to be.

3. I actually don’t mind my own company.

This is a strange comment to make considering I decided to come out travelling by myself! But of course, I had my reservations about being by myself all the time.

However, on my very first day in Sydney, I was lucky enough to meet a travel buddy and we decided to explore the entire east coast together, right up until now. So all in all, I haven’t really had to be (or wanted to be) alone.

In amongst all this though, I’ve learned that being by myself isn’t actually all that bad. When I’ve needed to, I’ve made individual plans, gone out exploring alone, talked to strangers and I’ve enjoyed myself doing all of it solo.

The most important thing I’ve realised (and pretty quickly too) is that my trip is what I make it. I can’t depend on anyone else for that and even with a travel buddy, I need to make sure I don’t regret anything.

4. My decision to travel was the best decision I ever made for myself.

Back in the UK, I had some doubts about whether leaving was the right life decision. Natural, right? I also worried about whether I would actually like the whole concept of backpacking. But looking back now, I think it was the perfect time to just jump into the unknown and experience something completely different.

I feel as if my outlook on life has completely changed and I appreciate the little things a whole lot more because of this trip so far.

5. Not everything goes to plan.

At no point before this trip, did I imagine that things would have turned out the way they have. That’s on a completely positive note by the way.

These are some of my best “completely unplanned” moments:

1. I’ve been stuck (and freezing cold) in Sydney airport overnight whilst waiting for a flight to Cairns.

2. I ran completely out of funds in my Australian bank account. This was whilst I was in Bondi and I had to wait five days for more money to transfer over from the UK.

3. Getting accidentally stranded at a bar in Mission Beach town, in the middle of the night and being driven back to my hostel by the lovely bar staff.

The old Anneka may have panicked at these things going wrong but actually, they are the things that have made the trip all the more memorable.

I’ve learned that some things are just out of my control and if something unexpected happens, then I’ve just got to go with it and work with what I’ve got.

With a positive attitude, nearly always comes a positive outcome.

Do you have anything you wish to share about your travelling experiences?

Comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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